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Little, Big - John Crowley Little, Big is a confounding book. It would win me over in one page and then lose me again in the next. The writing really was as lovely as all the other reviews said, and there are so many neat little bits of imagery and fantastical moments throughout that I'm truly disappointed in not being able to finish it. I guess I've reached the point where I feel I'm hitting too many "losing" pages without any sense of reward for my efforts. It's just so damn slow, and the characters are surprisingly boring, not to mention infuriatingly passive. I know it makes sense for the characters to behave passively given their belief that they're part of a Tale, but it also makes them distant and alien and hard to give a toss about.I'm sure I'll come back to Little, Big at some point as I hate leaving books unfinished, but goddamn let it be later rather than sooner.