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Joyce Froome
The Epic of Gilgamesh (Norton Critical Editions) - Benjamin R. Foster, Anonymous

"Six days and seven nights I wept for him,

I would not give him up for burial,

Until a worm fell out of his nose."


Ancient bromances are intense, man.

But really, while this was a fascinating read, it was not an altogether pleasant one. My edition followed the story as close to the tablets as possible, meaning no embellishments where words became illegible, just a [...] and then moving on, which got tiresome pretty fast. Also, I don't understand why my edition put summaries of blocks of text ABOVE the text they are summarising and not below. They summaries are useful if you have trouble following the text, but placed above the text kills the rhythm and suspense if you forget to ignore them. The book has enough repetitive passages as it is!Overall, however, it really is an interesting book. 4000 years old and you can still see the same elements used in modern books (hero's journey, mother/whore dichotomy etc). And the additional analysis in this Norton edition is really interesting too, so it's not a complete loss.(yes, it does feel really stupid to be rating such an ancient story. Mea culpa)