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Possession - A.S. Byatt Finished with an overwhelming sense that much of the book went over my head, but then that's what I get for skipping most of the poetry (I know, I know), though not the letters and made-up fairytales - I have some self control, I guess.Had it not been a mystery, I doubt I would have finished it. Much of it felt tedious, but was luckily interspersed with some interesting characters and quite a bit of nice writing, vivid descriptions particularly, in fact Maud's bathroom of all things has pretty much etched itself onto my brain. So much green ...I liked Maud, and while I didn't mind Roland by the end and their growing friendship, either, I never really bought the idea of them falling for each other. The part where they run away together was oddly sweet, though, but overall their relationship seemed far more interesting as a friendship ... but then we wouldn't have parallels! Ash was a bit of a turd. I wanted to throw the book away when he confesses to his wife what she already secretly knows, and no conflict arises from it whatsoever. I can understand why his wife is so passive, but goddamn.I felt extremely sorry for Blanche, probably because I can readily imagine myself an isolated spinster. Maybe I'm naive, but I didn't read her as a lesbian (another case of projection, maybe? Ha). It just seemed like an equally tragic case of jealousy between close friends as opposed to lovers. I wanted to resent Christabel for the mess her relationship with Ash caused (i.e. Blanche) (and I already resented Ash), but it was hard to hold a grudge towards the end.Speaking of ends, (vague-ish spoilers ahead) Possession went from a srs bsns literary mystery novel to fucking disbelief-suspending Famous Five-lite 'let us all plan what to do about that beastly Cropper, who has now turned into a breakfast-cartoon villain complete with sidekick'. Did the novel have a light-hearted tone the entire time and I was just too dense to see it?? Urgh. It honestly felt downright goofy, which wouldn't have been a bad thing had it not felt like the reading equivalent of whiplash.Anyway, it was a fairly quick read despite its length. Maybe I didn't do it enough justice to give it a fair score, but 3 stars seems about right. So there.