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The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World
David Abram
Pantheism: A Non-Theistic Concept of Deity
Michael P. Levine
Wicked Enchantments: The Pendle Witches and Their Magic
Joyce Froome
Panpsychism: The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos - Peter Ells There I was needing to while away the night when, after googling pantheism for a while, I stumbled upon the word "panpsychism", which eventually led me to this book (thanks, uni, for apparently having every ebook on the planet)! I'm definitely no philosopher, and so I was a bit wary of how successfully I'd be able to wrap my head around the concepts presented in the book. Luckily it turned out that my sleep-deprived state was the best way for me to read this book, as it all made perfect sense - right up until I went to bed and tried continuing to read the next day. It was a bit messy after that. Nevertheless, I think Ells did a good job making his arguments clear and understandable for a general reader. I mean, I'm not going to pretend to understand how the bloody hell quantum theory works, but it all still made for a quick and interesting read. Perhaps too quick? A re-read will definitely be necessary to properly absorb all the information. Overall, I think I've got a fair understanding of panpsychism now ... just don't ask me to explain it to you.