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The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World
David Abram
Pantheism: A Non-Theistic Concept of Deity
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Wicked Enchantments: The Pendle Witches and Their Magic
Joyce Froome
Antz - Ellen Weiss;Todd Alcott Ahaha I just remembered this was my favourite book for a while back when I was 8. I don't remember much about the book's quality, other than that it was a pretty faithful adaptation of the movie. I do remember having a weird crush on the main character, Z, and I remember asking my mum what Woody Allen was like, since he voices Z in the movie, and I was really upset when she told me he was basically a big nerd (the fact that Z was pretty much Woody Allen in ant-form is hilarious in hindsight). Guess it was best that my heart was broken early before I learnt he was a gross dude that married his own adopted daughter.