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Murder is Easy (St. Martin's Minotaur Mysteries)

Murder is Easy - Agatha Christie Eh. It was all very "plodding", really.Maybe I set myself up for disappointment because I expected Poirot or Marple to show up at some point, and then all I got was Luke Fitzwilliam, who ... just wasn't interesting or all that likeable. I particularly liked how he felt eligible to pursue Bridget simply because he didn't like her old fart fiancé. Never mind that he himself was an old fart too, and bloody lied his way into their house to begin with. "I know what's best for you after a few days in your company, Bridget! Marry me, even though I'm practically a stranger, er, your cousin, um, no, look just marry me you awful witch, and let the simpering begin!" But you can forgive an annoying protagonist so long as the supporting characters are interesting. Unfortunately that wasn't the case here either. Ellsworthy was good for some (unintentional)laughs as the village gay satanist, and some of the interactions between Fitzwilliam and the rest of the village occupants were pretty entertaining, if only because you want to shake Fitzwilliam for being so clueless.The mystery wasn't particularly compelling, and I actually managed to guess who was behind it for once (though not how they did it, admittedly).Overall, not a bad book (if you can get past the homophobia and sexism), it was just "ok".